Hoss Poverty Q6

Published by Paola Avendano on

Philanthropic organizations are uniquely positioned to connect and convene individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and other community leaders to collaboratively tackle our community’s greatest needs.

For example, the Orange County Community Foundation is piloting a new initiative to address poverty by building pathways to living wage employment for unemployed and underemployed OC residents, with special emphasis on young adults aged 18 – 26 who are disconnected from both school and the workforce. We recently launched the pilot phase of a new Workforce Development Initiative in partnership with community colleges, nonprofits, and businesses designed to build strategic pipelines to employment in middle-skills jobs for graduating high school seniors enrolling in community college, disconnected older youth, and underemployed adults who may not have the means to advance their employment opportunities due to barriers such as lack of access to education and job training.

This initiative will help these individuals acquire in-demand technical acumen in continually evolving industries, primarily concentrated in the health care, advanced manufacturing, and information technology sectors, and prepare them for a strong and successful future. It will drive our community’s economic growth and fuel successful outcomes for next generations.

Philanthropic organizations must continue to seek opportunities for game-changing impact through innovative partnerships across sectors.