Lucy Dunn

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Lucy Dunn
President and CEO
Orange County Business Council
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As President and CEO of Orange County Business Council, Lucy Dunn leads a dynamic organization of business members, working with academia and government, to ensure the county’s economic prosperity and high quality of life.

Before joining OCBC, she served as Director of the California Department of Housing and Community Development under Governor Schwarzenegger, who also appointed her to the California Transportation Commission in 2008. Governor Jerry Brown reappointed her two more terms. She helped develop Orange County’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness and serves as a business advisor for the South Coast Air Quality Management District and Southern California Association of Governments. She is founding co-chair of the R.E.A.L. Coalition of 23 CEO’s of California’s largest business organizations from San Francisco to San Diego advocating for infrastructure, education, water and governance reform.

Lucy received the California State Legislature “Woman of the Year” and an Assembly Certificate of Recognition as “person of the year.” She was the first woman president in the 80-year history of the Building Industry Association of Southern California. She serves on the boards of Pacific Symphony, Mobility 21, UCI Foundation, California Economic Summit, Homeful Foundation, Orange County Housing Trust, and Orange County Taxpayer Association.

She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards from advocacy for housing to mobility and education. In 2014, OC Register named her as one of “Orange County’s 100 Most Influential.” In 2016, the Endangered Habitats League honored her for her work in advancing protection of habitat and cultural resources, while providing for South Orange County mobility options. In 2018, Orange County Business Journal named her one of OC’s 500 most influential.

She is an attorney, singer, world-traveler and the mother of two sons and remarkable daughter-in-law who reside in the Bay Area.

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