Bailey Housing/Homelessness Q4

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This is the defining issues of our day, and we must meet the challenge. This issue is complex, involves multiple partners, and often takes longer than I’d like. The daily balancing act of local governments has become: how do we enforce local ordinances (littering or public nuance) to protect quality of life in our cities, with the compassion and long-term strategy of building housing and providing appropriate support services. This is the connected approach that Riverside is driving, but change takes time.

Riversiders recognize that to effectively address homelessness there needs to be a collective response. We know that partnering with community champions delivers effective solutions. My team has been working tirelessly on the Love Your Neighbor Initiative to engage the faith and businesses communities in partnerships that have delivered well thought out solutions, such as the Grove Village (barn-raised cottages) and a Social Work internship program that expanded outreach to vulnerable neighbors. These partnerships should be replicated across the state as all segments of society must come together as force multipliers. These are a few illustrations of a larger and connected strategy in the City of Riverside.