Bradbard Poverty Q5

Published by Paola Avendano on

There are many outstanding nonprofits addressing the effects of poverty across Southern California. Like my own organization, the Hope Through Housing Foundation, it is important for nonprofits to address the multiple challenges facing families in poverty. Working with families in affordable housing, we recognize the need to (1) prepare at-risk youth for future self-sufficiency through afterschool programs, role modeling, and teen clubs and (2) to empower parents to gain employment and build money management skills that lead to greater financial independence. One-on-one coaching has been particularly effective in addressing residents’ individual assets and challenges and helping them build a plan and the tools to improve their lives. As a result, we see residents going back to school, gaining employment, and becoming first-time homeowners, and youth becoming the first in their family to attend and finish college – a major step in breaking the cycle of generational poverty.