Diep Poverty Q2

Published by Paola Avendano on

It is no longer a republican talking point that people are fleeing this state. Middle class Californians are voting with their feet and calling it quits. Many states across the country are seeing droves of Californians move into their neighborhood. It has gotten so bad in Boise, Idaho that a candidate who ran for mayor wanted to assess a tax just for incoming Californians. We are learning the serious consequences with the net loss migration out of California has. It is projected the state will definitely lose one, if not two or three Congressional seats after this year’s Census concludes. Middle class families are leaving because taxes are too high, housing is too expensive, and homelessness is getting worse. Those with less means do not even have that choice.

California must stop the taxing insanity in order to reduce poverty in Southern California. Businesses are also fleeing this state, taking great paying jobs to those same states these middle class families are moving to. Taxes are too high, and too often I’m seeing more proposals in the Legislature to increase taxes. For example, there are efforts to weaken Proposition 13 protections for apartment complexes that will dramatically increase their property tax bills. Ultimately, this will hurt those with less means, as those costs will be shifted to renters and small business owners who create jobs. Assaulting the middle class will inevitably result in greater poverty. We must do whatever it takes to protect it.