Foo Poverty Q2

Published by Paola Avendano on

State government can help to bring about policies to encourage local government to partner with communities and businesses to address poverty in a comprehensive manner. All stakeholders should be at the table to give their perspectives and strategies. Cities, affordable housing developers, labor, health care, education, and community need to come together to address investment into reducing poverty. Also, access to higher education and/or living wage job development – community members are working multiple low wage jobs and supporting their children to go to college yet the students leave school with such high debt that the family is forever stuck in poverty. State government should not generalize and make assumptions, they need to work with local government and communities to understand the issues. For example, providing jobs and housing is just one part of the issue, affordable and easily accessible transportation, affordable childcare, wellness and education, are just a few things that need to be included. One thing will just band-aid the situation. It has to be inclusive and comprehensive.