Hernandez Poverty Q2

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There are three things state legislators must do now to fight the poverty crisis in California. First, they need to pass legislation that streamlines the construction of affordable and supportive housing while reducing development costs. Second, they should provide additional or reallocate funding for mental health and wrap-around services for local governments to utilize. Third, they should bring back redevelopment with an emphasis on building housing for our very low, low, and market-rate housing markets.

Furthermore, the state government should reform the California Environment Quality Act (CEQA). This law has been hijacked, ultimately stopping the development of the much-needed infill and transit-oriented housing. BizFed took the lead in this effort by partnering with Assemblymember Santiago (AD 53) and Mayor Garcetti’s office by sponsoring AB 1197, which will enable CEQA exemptions and streamlining for supportive housing projects funded under voter-approved measures until 2025. While this is only the beginning, more reforms are needed. This bill will save millions of dollars and expedite the delivery of these critical housing projects to help solve our housing affordability and homeless crisis.

State governments should secure sufficient funding for safety net programs that are essential to lift Californians out of poverty and to ensure that these programs are delivered effectively and efficiently.

State governments should not try to manipulate the housing market by injecting flawed policies such as extreme rent control and stripping away Proposition 13 protections. Many elected officials see these policies as a quick fix, while in reality, these policies do more harm than good by disincentivizing property owners to reinvest in their property and increasing the cost to do business in California, known as the “California Premium.”