Rutherford Poverty Q3

Published by Paola Avendano on

It’s not always about finding a job. Sometimes it’s about creating one. We have many entrepreneurs here in the Inland Empire who want to start businesses and create a job for themselves and for others. Unfortunately, the venture capital needed to get start-up businesses off the ground is in short supply in the Inland Empire.

Local governments can do more to highlight the opportunities our region has for investors and develop efforts like the Highlander Venture Fund at the University of California in Riverside to secure and leverage state and federal funds to grow new businesses and our economy.

Our region is one of the largest global economic logistics hubs in our nation. Let’s build on that by becoming the world’s leader in logistics technology. As automation changes the face of this industry, we can’t stand by and let others develop the robots, equipment, and other solutions that will be needed for logistics companies to adapt to changing trends. Instead, we need to work on ensuring those ideas are developed and cultivated here in the Inland Empire.