Greg Devereaux

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Greg Devereaux
Retired CEO San Bernardino County
Worthington Partners

Mr. Devereaux served in state and local government for over 40 years, holding a variety of leadership positions including City Manager of Fontana and Ontario, where he worked with the city councils to improve each city’s finances, as well as Chief Executive Officer of San Bernardino County California where he helped the Board of Supervisors lead the County in a new direction which emphasized fiscal responsibility and working as a team.
He worked with the Board and the San Bernardino Associated Governments in a community-driven effort to develop a Countywide Vision. He recently retired and opened his own consulting firm working with both public and private clients.

Mr. Devereaux holds a Juris Doctorate from West Virginia University and is a Fellow at the National Academy of Public Administration, a member of public administration, policy and planning academic advisory boards at USC, The University of California Riverside, and California State University San Bernardino and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the West Virginia University School of Public Policy and Politics. He is a Past President of the California Redevelopment Association and served on numerous committees for both the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties.

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