Dowell Myers

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Dowell Myers
Professor of Policy, Planning, and Demography
USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
Twitter: @ProfDowellMyers

Dowell Myers is a professor of policy, planning, and demography in the Sol Price School of Public Policy at USC.  He is a leading expert on California’s changing demographics that lead the nation’s.  Dr. Myers specializes in demographic narrative that combines elements in a fusion of policy, planning and demography, termed “integrated demography,” which includes past and future trends, public reactions, and audience-based problem articulation. Dr. Myers has specialized in the demographics of housing demand and needs, with recent studies of “Peak Millennials,” creation of housing shortages, and the post-recession future of homeownership.

He is also expert in trends of both immigration and children, the two groups who will form our future workforce to replace the retiring baby boomers.  His foremost work is the award-winning “Immigrants and Boomers: Forging a New Social Contract for the Future of America,” which introduced the mutual benefits approach to managing demographic change. Dr. Myers has served as an advisor to the Census Bureau and the National Academy of Sciences.  He holds his PhD from MIT, a Master of City Planning from UC-Berkeley, and a BA in anthropology from Columbia University. Many of his publications are available at

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