Campbell Poverty Q1

Published by Paola Avendano on

Creating a regulatory, tax, and governmental environment that welcomes job-creation in California is the best way to keep Californians out of poverty. Yet, in large part responsive to understandably compassionate instincts, our government tends to go directly to wealth transfers, without realizing the importance of wealth creation.Without wealth creation in society there cannot be wealth redistribution. California government has come to view businesses and business leaders as ATM’s to fund social programs. If, instead, we had more businesses choosing to locate in, and not to move from, California, we would greatly reduce the call for such social programs.

Expanding the earned income tax credit is much wiser than increasing the minimum wage. The former uses general tax money (that we all pay) to help someone with a low-paying job earn more. The latter punishes the very entity that is offering a job to someone who needs it.