Foo Poverty Q1

Published by Paola Avendano on

As communities and policymakers, we need to work together to transform all the influences to the communities well-being. It’s not just giving a job and housing, its changing the environment and opportunities for community members. Accessible transportation, jobs in local neighborhoods not where you have to take four different buses and spend multiple hours getting to work. Also, having schools as the center of communities, parent engagement, having the school property open on the weekends for family sports, gatherings, use of computer labs, etc. Keeping people out of poverty is complicated and not an easy fix. Everyone needs to come together. It’s easy to blame families but when there are no resources or cities are focused on development to create more opportunities for businesses and corporations for revenue, we’re not investing back into families and individuals. Encouraging civic engagement especially for young people to understand policy and systems change and how poverty isn’t about individuals not wanting to work, it’s about long term impact from state and national policies that impact the economy, neighborhoods, and families.