Hernandez Poverty Q4

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Large companies can help combat poverty by investing in all levels of workforce development to accelerate job growth and access to jobs while providing access to career technical training and industry-specific apprenticeships.

Large companies may be more equipped to provide childcare services within their establishment or partner with childcare providers to offer childcare at an affordable rate. Helping working parents with childcare allows them to grow in their careers and obtain economic mobility. It sounds basic but the cost and access to reliable childcare is often the final straw that tips a family into poverty.

There are innovative ways that employers can help reduce the cost of transportation, which can have a significant impact on the lowest income employees. By partnering with transportation and other government agencies, large employers can create reliable and affordable pathways to move their thousands of employees to and from work. Currently, it is estimated that the average Angeleno pays around 22% of their income on transportation. It has been proven that access to reliable and affordable transportation is critical in ensuring a stable workforce. Moreover, Harvard University has identified that access to affordable and dependable transportation is the single most significant factor in escaping poverty and avoiding homelessness.